The supervision and the modification of the detailed development plan of Győr, Sziget-Újváros District was prepared on the assignment of the Mayor?s Office of Győr (Town of County Rank), by Városfejlesztés Zrt. / Urban Development Plc. between July 2002 and November 2004. The area was characterised by an intensive construction activity basically respecting the lay-out plan, however, disregarding it at certain cases. The majority of the discrepancies are mainly related to planned street settings, or on the contrary, the lack of such settings. Thus, the placing and the directions of the connective roads inside the blocks had to be revised, and adjusted to the given situation. The urban structure of the project area considerably changed due to the planned traffic development. The basic aim was that the interventions should not derange the historical town structure at the least possible extent, and the newly created streets get integrated into the existing network, and the upcoming constructions should heal the wounds of the town tissue caused in the past decades.