After the Strategy made in 2003, Urban Development Privately Held Corp. devised Stage II of the Closing-up and Development Project of Szécsény Micro-Region at the end of that summer and in autumn, which was the Operative Development Project. The rehabilitation of the historic town centre of Szécsény was set out as a strategic aim of the development of the micro-region, which was thoroughly described in the Operative Development Project as a measure to be taken. The Call for Proposals of the European Union issued while the closing-up and development project was being devised, and by means of what the Local Government was able to carry out its strategic aims. Thus the tasks of Urban Development Privately Held Corp. were completed with a complex project preparation activity in respect to the urban rehabilitation measures, in order that the town could by the help of the possibility given, carry out the planned measures, and not just plan them. The approach of a strategic development started in time proved to be an investment of good return for the Local Government, since this is what provided the grounds for the quick response to the Call for Proposals and that the urban rehabilitation project was prepared in a short time, which could not have been done by the date of the deadline without these preceding steps, or quality would have suffered.