The project proposal was compiled on the basis of the town rehabilitation measures taken under the umbrella of the Regional Development Operative Project on the assignment of the Local Government of Budapest District IX Ferencváros in June 2004, and concerned the entire renewal of Ferenc tér and the public park located there, and the public areas of Berzenczey utca and Bokréta utca.
As a result of the successful proposal, the Local Government carried out the mentioned project by the financial support of the European Union amounting to HUF 373,440,062, and that of the Hungarian Government amounting to HUF 74,705,938 – totalling HUF 448,146,000. By the carrying out of the project, the first stage of the urban development project aiming at the complex rehabilitation of Középs?-Ferencváros was fulfilled. In the 14 years of activity the entire renewal of the first part has been completed on the area of 72.72 ha surrounded by Ferenc körút, Üll?i út, Haller utca and Mester utca covering a territory of 28 ha between Ferenc körút and Viola utca.