The Regulation Plan of the town centre was made by Városfejlesztés Zrt. / Urban Development Plc. between 2004-2006 on the assignment of the Municipality of Törökbálint. As a part of the process the settlement physical plan was modified as well. The primary aim was the revitalization and development of the town centre, furthermore the creation of a genuine settlement centre in the style of a little town retaining the cultural heritage, yet meeting the requirements of the 21st century. The major focus of the plan was the creation of a homogeneous and coherent settlement tissue by the concentration of the centre-forming elements based on the existing sporadic elements. .
The arrangement plan defines three poles of the development in the first stage:
– the revitalization of the ?Main Street? (Munkácsy Mihály utca),
– the creation of a “Central Square” (changing the place of the depot of OMÜV, and the creation of a new central square) in harmony with the rehabilitation of the ?Main Street?,
– the Implementation of the of the ?Kálvária? project (the development of the block surrounded by Munkácsy Mihály u.- Szent István u.- Patak u. – Dózsa György u.).