As set out in the regional development policy of the EU, the drive of regional development is the development of small and medium towns.
Thus, the Operative Schedule of the Regional Development of the National Development Plan contains several measures related to the period of 2004 – 2006, which are specifically suited to support the development of provincial towns by meeting the requirements of town local governments, such as the measures to promote the construction of roads connecting settlements and town rehabilitation.
Urban Development Privately Held Corp. deals with the compilation of project proposals that do not only favour the given settlement but also take into consideration the interests of the area around, and in addition to that they meet the real needs of the towns.
A good example for that is the ECOCITY – BÁTONYTERENYE project to rehabilitate the town centre, which is included among the development aims of the micro-region, and responds to the local need to create a real town centre of this town combined of three villages by developing the present unfinished town centre.