The Preliminary Urban Plan for the development of Nógrád County, Lučenec (Losonc) and Salgótarján was devised on the assignment of the Department for Physical Planning within the Prime Minister?s Office and the Regional Development Council of Nógrád County in May 2001. The mirror project of the physical planning study integrated in the urban (physical planning and regional development) study, related to Lučenec (Losonc) and its agglomeration, made by designers commissioned by the Ministry for Environment Protection of the Slovakian Republic, and related to the district of Banska Bistrica (Besztercebánya) in Slovakia and its areas near the border. On the Hungarian part of the border region the document focused on the area of Salgótarján and the eastern part of the county within the analysis of Nógrád County. In the working process, besides gaining the results of the study, the first cross border physical planning and regional development concept was drafted, which received the reference name of “Gold Ring”. It was the first expert and coherent physical planning concept emphasising the significance of the development policy for the urbanised area surrounded by Pásztó, Bátonyterenye, Salgótarján, Fülek, Losonc, and that of the reconstruction of Main Road No. 21 into a Highway of 2×2 lanes, from the point of view of the growth of the Neogradiensis Euroregion.