2010 05. 05.
Article of...
Article of László Bajnai published in Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet on March contains current...

2010 04. 20.
Article of Anna...
Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet on April 20, 2010 published shocking details about bureaucratic...


Urban Development Plc. (previously called SCET Hungary Urban Development Plc.) was founded in 1997. Our mission is to make known and available the European operational model of urban development based on the cooperation of the public and private sector (PPP) in a national context. This model was launched and applied in Hungary during the preparation and implementation of the town rehabilitation project of Ferencváros managed by SEM IX Városfejlesztő Rt. /SEM IX Urban Development Plc./ and further settlement rehabilitation projects in Hungary. This model is based on the expertise and experience gained in the founding countries of the EU.

Introdution Urban Development Plc. – co-owner of SEM IX Urban Development Plc. together with the majority owner Local Government of Ferencváros, - makes the model of operational urban development based on the cooperation of the public and private sectors applicable in practice for a wide group of decision-makers and experts in Central Europe, dealing with operative implementation of settlement development and regional development ideas. This model has the following advantages:

  • it is based on the cooperation of the public (European Union, national, local governments) and the private sectors;
  • offers the possibility of joint and efficient financing (EU, national, local and investors) of urban development actions,
  • it is able to promote significant local and regional economic growth through the multiplying effect by the implementation of urban development projects, and to encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • it is proved to be successfully applicable all over the country in view of the efficient rehabilitation of Ferencváros and several other settlements launched later on,
  • it was the essential model of the settlement development managed by local-governments and the rehabilitation activity financed by Structural Funds in France, which has been a leader in the field of the operational regional and settlement development activity in the past 50 years among the founder countries of the EU.
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